Plunge Into A Journey Of Nature Discovery In Meadow

February 23, 2022 by fcostin

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Heading outside and peering into nature is something I spend a lot of time doing. The excitement of drifting through old and wonderous trees, to eventually stare into the distance to watch and observe nature move and play with the wind, poking at the wildlife to undergo adventures of their own.

51362892-Meadow - Rebel Studio

Meadow // Rebel Studio

Rebel Studio released the board game title, Meadow last year. And now the title is readily available in retail stores - players can now bury their heads into the nature-filled title and compete to become the keenest nature observer whilst basking in stunning watercolour illustrations and enjoying the journey through wild discovery.

Gameplay Preview - Meadow

Gameplay Preview // Meadow

Meadow is a set collection game, that encourages players to explore a wealth of different landscapes to discover and dig the buzzing atmosphere set by nature. 1-4 players will hope to collect different species of animals, stunning landscapes and wonders to share and swap stories over a bonfire at the end of the game.

Players are driven by passion, so they will all inspire to collect the most in a race journeying through Meadow, as when the marshmallows are out and all players are around the bonfire, whoever can showcase the most points accumulated from their cards will be crowned the winner.

Card Preview Animals - Meadow

Card Previews // Meadow

The game has now been released so you can be sure to find Meadow at a range of FLGS stores and online.

Whether you have spotted a wolf amongst the grass, a butterfly atop of a flower or a crow hiding within the trees - there is plenty of flora and fauna to collect too. So if you are a nature lover myself, and like hoarding cards in a game of set-collection, be sure to check out Meadow.

Do you think you can prove to be the keenest nature observer? I bet I could give you a run for your money! Just say the word "Badger" and I will be there in a heartbeat! 

"Players are driven by passion, so they will all inspire to collect the most in a race journeying through Meadow..."

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