Kemet Creator Brings Mayan Warfare & Yucatan To Kickstarter

January 12, 2022 by brennon

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Kemet is a pretty darn awesome "area control" battle game set against the backdrop of Ancient and Mythological Egypt. Yucatan, from the same team, is now on Kickstarter from Matagot and delves into the brutality of Mayan warfare in the jungle.

Yucatan Kickstarter - Matagot

Yucatan Kickstarter // Matagot

In a game of Yucatan, you are the leader of a Mayan city. You have been tasked with winning the favour of the gods which comes from capturing your enemies and sacrificing your prisoners in order to maintain dominance over the land.

Play happens over four seasons where you will battle for control of different regions of the map. Whilst you could just sacrifice a handful of warriors each time, the gods must be pleased. So, each sacrifice must be greater than the last. This leads to escalated planning and strategy as you work out the best way to balance your battles alongside the development of your city.

Yucatan Box Contents - Matagot

Yucatan Box Contents // Matagot

One of the core actions to your turn is to attack your foes. Gameplay is based on the use of combat cards, the strength of your troops (upgraded or not) and the monsters that you have called to your side. There are no dice here, everything focuses on your choices in each conflict.

You can also move to control the different cities on the board, gaining access to resources like Corn, Jade and even Bonus Actions. These can be used for paying for the aforementioned upgrades that will help you in future turns.

You then need to decide just how many of your prisoners you are going to sacrifice to the gods. You will bring them to the temple and work out how many you will send to their deaths and how many you'll keep for the future. The number of sacrifices then dictates what extra boons you gain from the gods.

Yucatan seems like a nifty update to the gameplay and style of Kemet. The twist on working out just want to do with your prisoners at the end of a season is an interesting one. I am a big fan of Kemet and the work by this team so I would be eager to give this one a go.

What do you make of Yucatan?

"I am a big fan of Kemet and the work by this team so I would be eager to give this one a go..."

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