Embark On A New Kingdom Hearts Perilous Adventure With The Op!

November 17, 2021 by fcostin

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Kingdom Hearts in its own rite has equipped card gamers with the skills they need on a virtual platform. I - a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchise - immersed myself in the game world thanks to the use of cards in Chain of Memories, way back when on the Game Boy Advance.

After that, I was hooked in the Keyblade wielder alongside my favourite childhood Disney characters against a band of Heartless enemies! Hacking and slashing my way through worlds like there's no tomorrow (well, in Kingdom Hearts, there may not be!).

Kingdom Hearts - Image Three

Disney Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit // The Op

Heading through the franchise, players will stand side-by-side with Donald, Goofy, Riku & Kairi as they take on the role of the Keyblade Champion, Sora - ready to take down the heartless in a cooperative dice-rolling experience in Disney Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit by The Op.

Kingdom Hearts - Image Two

Game Cards & Components // Disney Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit

Taking inspiration from the worlds contained within Kingdom Hearts, players will put friendship to the test as they make their way across iconic worlds before the Darkness bring the world into peril.

Kingdom Hearts - Image Four

Battle Against Heartless // Disney Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit

Visiting six different game worlds, in the hope to seal the doors with the Keyblade. Players will utilise dice rolls to obtain potions, explore and take down the pesky Heartless before the world disappears into the darkness.

Alike the virtual game, you cannot go in alone! The game does not apply to solo players, with 5 game boards available in a cooperative experience, 2-5 players must work together in locking the doors to each world. Taking roughly 45 minutes per playthrough.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is one that is very dearly close to my heart, the dice-rolling mechanic really appeals to me! Emulating combos in the hack-and-slash output which we see virtually.

I'd be interested to see what worlds are included. Halloween Town? Traverse Town?!

"Visiting six different game worlds, in the hope to seal the doors with the Keyblade. "

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