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October 31, 2019 by brennon

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Corvus Belli is in the midst of a big Kickstarter project for Infinity: Defiance (if you hadn't guessed by our themed week) but as well as that we thought we'd take a look back at some of the releases they have shown off over the past few weeks for Infinity and Aristeia!

Soldiers Of Fortune - Infinity

"The most badass group you are going to find. Señor Massacre, a mercenary who shoots and cuts up people with his katanas while he knocks them out with his irrepressible prattle. Valkyrie, an unstoppable Nordic goddess who slices people open from top to bottom with her enormous axe. Laxmee, a master combat hacker descended from the Maasai warrior tribes, African ferocity in its purest form. And leading them all, Hannibal, the man with the plan, the strategist who always finds a way no matter how complicated the situation may be. "

Leading the way we have these Soldiers Of Fortune which we think are very awesome looking indeed. I love how dynamic they all are and they have seriously ramped up the Cyberpunk elements in these miniatures I reckon. You might recognise them from Aristeia!, now moving into the world of Infinity. They can now serve as part of the Foreign Company, NA2 Sectorial Army.

Alien Hackers

Next up we're looking to some more focused single model kits and start things off with the Shasvastii Cadmus.

Shasvastii Cadmus - Infinity

This fellow was once available as part of the Operation: Wildfire set and now you are able to include them in your regular force as a way to keep an eye on the enemy, scan them and work out the best ways to take them down. I think you'll agree in terms of aliens the Shasvastii are some of the best looking models out there.

For The Glory Of Yu Jing

Next up we're looking at Tai Sheng who is hoping to help Yu Jing fulfil their destiny.

Tai Sheng - Infinity

This lady comes with the Chain Of Command option which allows her to step in and take control if your Lieutenant ends up getting shot up by the enemy. As well as the lady soldier we've also got a cute little TinBot B With Deflector L2 just to help out when the fighting gets thickest.

Brutal Marauders

Haqqislam is next up with the Nahab Aeromobile Team. Come and take a peek at this newer set of three models.

Nahab Aeromobile Team - Infinity

These troops are able to slip into the fighting from anywhere thanks to their Infiltration skill or with the use of Airborne Infiltration instead. They are going to be showing up where you least expect them to and not only hunting down key aspects of your opponent's team or securing objectives.

Big Guns Never Tire

Finally for Infinity, we have Echo-Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit here which comes with a light rocket launcher.

Echo-Bravo Fast Intervention Unit - Infinity

Once again, this fellow can jump into the mix with his Airborne Infiltration skills. Then, he has your number as he loads up the rocket launcher and blasts away your group or a hard target with that hefty looking rocket launcher in hand. That would certainly be a surprise!

Aristeia! 8-Ball

This fellow is an awesome looking alternative for the miniature from the core box for Aristeia! Here we have 8-Ball, Greenskin Oni.

8 Ball Greenskin Oni - Aristeia

Alberto Abal has stepped in with an alternative design which builds on the classic look for this character but gives him a new lease of life at the same time. He is one of the hardest characters to master from the core game but this would be a fascinating reward for someone who manages to get a hang of his mechanics.

Things are certainly looking good for the world of Infinity!

"I think you'll agree in terms of aliens the Shasvastii are some of the best looking models out there..."

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