Lazy Squire Drop Details On The Vampires Of Stormsunder

December 13, 2019 by brennon

Stormsunder: Heirs Of Ruin is powering up from Lazy Squire Games to land on the tabletop soon and with that in mind, the team behind it put together a little preview of the Vampires that take on a large role in the game's narrative.

Stormsunder Gameplay

In Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin, vampires live in their own city in the mountains, ruled by a high council and fed with the blood of a thousand slaves and thralls. The city of Tarpitt is a dangerous place for non-vampires, especially after the recent assassination of a councilmember at the hands of known Nyere terrorist, Vanessa Von Brandt.

This catalyst has upset the balance of power within the city and opened Tarpitt to threats both outside and within. The players will eventually infiltrate Tarpitt, and their choices and actions will determine the fate of the city and its bloodthirsty populace.

Powerful Bloodsuckers

Lord Darijus leads the Tarpitt City Guard and serves as commander of the Knights of Tarpitt. Darijus has a unique stake in seeking justice for Lady Ines, the murdered councilmember: Vanessa is the only person he knows that can remove the magical object fused to his chest.

Lord Darijus - Stormsunder

Lady Renata is an accomplished sorceress and the only angel ever to be turned. Aside from her council duties, she leads the sorcerer’s guild and is responsible for Tarpitt’s many mystical defences. It was by her powerful magics that the vampires no longer fear the sun.

Lady Renata - Stormsunder

Lord Rihard has ruled the high council since the sacking of Tarpitt, guiding the city with a ruthless, but steady hand. The assassination of Lady Ines not only sent terror throughout the city but forced Rihard to take swift action against Vanessa Von Brandt.

Lord Rihard - Stormsunder

The Potra Twins, Aleksander and Aleksandra, are among the council’s most ruthless enforcers. After the assassination of Lady Ines, the twins were dispatched to track down Vanessa Von Brandt and bring the Nyere to the council's justice.

Portra Twins - Stormsunder

The models are looking very nice indeed. I love the elements of dynamism that have been worked into the models as a whole and they are all nice and dynamic, perfect for an adventure on the tabletop. I can already imagine just how some folks are going to paint up these wild-looking models.

Make sure to stay tuned as we're going to have more on this game in the coming weeks!

"I can already imagine just how some folks are going to paint up these wild-looking models..."

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