Learn The Rules Of Tomorrow With Watch It Played!

October 4, 2013 by brennon

Watch it Played are back again with another tutorial video for the Conquistador Games sleeper hit from the beginning of the year, Tomorrow. This one is a bit of a community divider but see what you think...

Tomorrow Box

Tomorrow Board

Tomorrow might look like a game of Risk but it has a considerably harder line behind it all. What decisions will you make?

"It is the near future. Overpopulation has put the world at dire and immediate risk. The world's scientists have determined that the situation is so desperate that the only possibility for survival is via immediate and dramatic global depopulation. This puts the fate of the world in the hands of those leading superpowers, and their ability to make the difficult decisions required keep humanity intact.

You are one of these leaders.

You have access to biological horrors and the authority to decide who to use them against. You hold the launch keys for your nation's nuclear arsenal, essentially serving as vengeance weapons to rain down on those who defy your leadership. Military might, cyber warfare, terror infrastructure and a stable of diplomats are at your disposal. Will you focus on serving the greater good and playing your part as a harbinger of death? Or will you take advantage of the chaos for diplomatic gain, protecting innocents and expanding your own sphere of influence?"

Tomorrow sees you unleashing all these deadly weapons and plans on other countries to ensure that you are the dominant power across the globe. It might sound a little crazy but this game has been made to intentionally be edgy and political with a few dangerous and very hard decisions to make.

See what you think of the game run down in the video above!

Will you deal with Tomorrow?

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