Leder Games On Kickstarter With Sci-Fi Board Game, Arcs

May 26, 2022 by fcostin

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Last month, Ben let us know of a new title coming from Leder Games. They are taking a break from the popular fantasy theme and woodland environment that they are known for. We will be heading off into space for a sci-fi adventure of power in Arcs on Kickstarter.

Arcs - Leder Games - Featured Image

Arcs Kickstarter // Leder Game

Taking players at warp speed, players will be at the helm of their own space opera. Guiding their way through the demise of the Galactic Empire. Although some fear the chaos unfolding, many see opportunity and a thirst for power. 3-4 players will be stepping up for justice and hoping to harness said power for their people. Taking their faction down a path bespoke to their cause.

Arcs - Leder Games

Arcs Preview // Leder Games

Considering the empty throne and lack of council, this would mean that the Galactic Empire is there for the taking right? Correct, however usurping the throne may not be an interest to each individual around the table. But there is power for the taking, and players can take the path of their choice to bring their people to fruition.

Players will start with the same course as their opponents, but as the game progresses each individual will discover more strings to their bow, which can take each player on a very different course. This might see them fit for a military approach or a diplomatic force of peace.

Arcs Base Game And More To Explore Pack - Leder Games Kickstarter

Arcs Base Game And More To Explore Pack // Leder Games Kickstarter

There are four different products you can tap into as part of the Kickstarter campaign. This includes the core game Arcs, Arcs: More To Explore Pack that adds new cards to the game, Blighted Reach Campaign Expansion which adds eight campaigns to the mix and the Miniatures Pack to replace all 84 of the wooden components.

Prototype Art - Arcs

Prototype Art // Arcs Kickstarter

If you are keen on the premise of the title and do not want to commit without seeing the full scope of rules, be sure to download the print and play resources on the Kickstarter campiagn. Which includes a PDF copy of the rules and a ton of printable resources such as dice, ships, cards and tokens. So you can give the title a go by the comforts of your own printer before committing!

The epic space opera has 19 days left on the clock and was funded within the first minutes of being live. If you are keen on a different take on an adventure from Leder Games, Cole Wehrle, Kyle Ferrin and the rest of the team have got you covered with the upcoming sci-fi board game, Arcs.

Are you tempted by the look of Arcs? 

"Players might be fit for a military approach or a diplomatic force of peace..."

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