Let’s Play: Celestial – The Hidden Void

September 26, 2023 by avernos

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Gerry and Shay settle down to play a game of Celestial from the team at Diemension Games. In this cooperative scenario for the board game, The Hidden Void, their Celestials descend into Pangu's ghostly sands with Shay commanding Wick'Yin, the glimmer of the candling dragon, and Gerry has a pair of prowling Savaqi, ruthless predators whose language is a weapon in itself.


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Together they must defeat three Lei Stormriders, the watchmen of the void, who stand guardians over the Wells Into Oblivion and have spurned the hand of friendship offered by Shay's Wick'Yin.

When diving into this game of Celestial, we will be looking at the box for Episode 1 - The Hidden Void. There are several expansions coming later on down the line. This particular scenario for this Let's Play is The Wells Into Oblivion.

Are you going to be diving into Celestial - The Hidden Void?

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