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Weekender XLBS: Making A Games Workshop & WizKids Baby


Grab a towel because we're about to give birth to another XLBS!

Weekender: Vote For BoW Awards & FFG Gets Aggressive


Justin interviews Sherwin and Steve from Steamforged Games and we get an exclusive sneak peek at the next Guild Ball model you'll be fighting over!

FFG’s Aggressive Release Schedule Hitting For Legend Of The Five Rings


Legend Of The Five Rings from Fantasy Flight Games might only have just come out but you're going to have to contend with a whole lot more cards very soon as they announced their aggressive Six Week release window for the entire first cycle, the Imperial Cycle.

Weekender: Micro Art Studio’s Cool Kickstarter & We’ve Started Playing Star Wars Destiny!


Help me, Only Lloydi. You’re my only hope.

Declare A Kingsmoot In The Game of Thrones Card Game


Fantasy Flight have released the third chapter pack of the Fight of Crows cycle for the Game of Thrones Card Game.

Fantasy Flight Show Off New Legend Of The Five Rings Mat Designs


Showing loyalty to your clan is a big part of Legend of the Five Rings and so when Fantasy Flight Games puts out a selection of new mats for you to choose from, you better make your decision wisely.

Weekender XLBS: 3 Colours Minimum; Tournament Painting – Too Harsh?


3 Colours Minimum? Our thoughts on the rule...

New Revised Core Set On The Way For Android: Netrunner


Fantasy Flight Games are really shaking things up within the world of Android: Netrunner as they announced a Revised Core Set for the game this week.

Weekender XLBS: The Joys Of Board Game Cafes & What’s After The Gateway Game?


We're delving into more awesomeness with you Backstage!

Tyrell Expansion Announced For Game Of Thrones LCG


It's time for you to master the art of intrigue and subtle ploys as House Tyrell look forward to their new Deluxe Expansion for Fantasy Flight Games' A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game.

Watch The FFG Star Wars: World Championships Here


Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars World Championships Primer!


Get the lowdown on the first two games being played at the World Championships today. We're focusing in on the Star Wars LCG and Armada to give you a primer before the action starts.

FFG’s Star Wars World Championships Hits This Week!


This week, Fantasy Flight Games are hosting the Star Wars World Championships at their gaming centre in Roseville, MN and we'll be hosting their live stream throughout...

Take A Look At EU Championship Prizes For FFG Events At UK Games Expo


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the prizes that will be available to those that go and compete at the European Championships for a variety of their games at the UK Games Expo this year.

More Terminal Directive Details Pop Up For Android: Netrunner


Embracing the Legacy effect in games Terminal Directive is a campaign based expansion for Android: Netrunner where you are hunting a killer after a grisly murder. But, what lies at the root of all of this?

Tickets For UK Games Expo FFG European Championships Available Friday


The UK Games Expo, running from the 2nd - 4th of July this year in Birmingham is going to be hosting the 2017 European Championships for a whole host of games from Fantasy Flight Games.

Join The Night’s Watch With New Game Of Thrones LCG Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next deluxe expansion for A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition and it's getting mighty cold up in the North with Watchers On The Wall.

First Blood & Gold Card Pack Revealed For Game Of Thrones LCG


The first new card pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game 2nd Edition and the Blood & Gold cycle of releases has been announced with All Men Are Fools by Fantasy Flight Games.

Weekender XLBS: Waterloo Conspiracy Theories & Is Hex Terrain The Future of Gaming Tables?


It's time for a proper dose of relaxation this Sunday as we delve into the Weekender XLBS and talk with you lovely Backstagers!

Play A Netrunner Campaign With Terminal Directive!


Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they are working on a new Campaign for you to play in Android: Netrunner. Terminal Directive will tell a story for both the Corp and the Runner in a new and interesting way...

Get Your Ass To Mars With New Netrunner Cycle By FFG


The latest cycle of card packs from Fantasy Flight Games for Android: Netrunner is taking you away from Earth towards Mars. Yes, it's time to get all of your Total Recall quotes ready.

New Chapter Pack Coming Next Week For The Game Of Thrones LCG


A new Chapter Pack is coming to A Game Of Thrones: The Living Card Game 2nd Edition from Fantasy Flight Games next week, For Family Honour. The major star of this pack is a new copy of Renly Baratheon.

Dunwich Legacy Expansion Announced For The Arkham Horror Card Game


If you're excited for the Arkham Horror: The Card Game release by Fantasy Flight Games then you'll be even happier to know that there is already an expansion planned, The Dunwich Legacy.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Arkham Horror: The Card Game


Fantasy Flight Games announced more exciting news today, with a Lovecraftian nod. Arkham Horror: The Card Game will be hitting the shelves at the end of 2016, and offering players a cooperative card game experience.

Weekender XLBS: Ghostbusters On The Tabletop & Screen + Hacking Into Android: Netrunner


Relax with us today as we delve into the hacker world of Android: Netrunner and Lloyd gives us his thoughts on Ghostbusters!

Across The Seven Kingdoms Game Of Thrones Pack Coming This July


Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the first pack in the next cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game 2nd Edition is coming towards the end of July.

Fantasy Flight Set You Up For A Netrunner Bout With New Mat


Fantasy Flight Games have always produced some wonderful mats and this latest one for Android: Netrunner is no different. Here we have the System Breach Two-Player Mat which gives you the space for two players to duke it out on the tabletop...

Flame Of The West Expansion Coming To FFG’s Lord Of The Rings LCG


Fantasy Flight Games have now announced another of their Saga Expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, The Flame of the West.

Calm Over Westeros Chapter Pack Arrives For Game Of Thrones LCG


Fantasy Flight Games have now released the next Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones. Calm Over Westeros puts new tools in the hands of the Seven Kingdoms...

Wolves Of The North Expansion Hits For A Game Of Thrones LCG


The Wolves of the North expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game 2nd Edition is now starting to appear in your friendly local hobby store. This expansion focuses in on the Starks of Winterfell but there are additional cards for the other factions too...

Fantasy Flight Show Off Next Chapter Pack Cycle For Game Of Thrones


Fantasy Flight Games continue to tease those of us who are into A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game with a look at some of the cards from the next cycle of Chapter Packs and Across The Seven Kingdoms. The War of the Five Kings continues the story after the death of Ned Stark where multiple factions are vying for control of the Iron Throne...

FFG Preview The Stark Expansion For A Game of Thrones LCG


Fantasy Flight Games continue to wet my whistle when it comes to what's on the horizon for my beloved Starks in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Wolves of the North is the first deluxe expansion which adds more cards to the Stark line-up primarily allowing them to be that bit more competitive...

Take On New Adventures In The Lord Of The Rings LCG


Fantasy Flight Games have now started you on another adventure in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game with two new packs which were previously available only at organised events. See what you think...

Travel The Road To Winterfell In A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game


The new Chapter Pack for A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game is now available in retailers. This adds a whole bunch of new cards for all of the factions and builds on the various strengths of the different houses.

The Mumbad Cycle Begins For Android Netrunner With First Data Pack


Fantasy Flight Games have now released the first Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle, Kala Ghoda. Android: Netrunner moves to the East with this cycle and explores all manner of interesting cards for both Runners and Corporations...

Snap Up New Draft Packs For Android: Netrunner


Their Draft Packs for Android: Netrunner, of which we now have a new set - Hardwired, give you options for assembling a random deck using new identities for both Runners and Corporations...

Delve Into Dothraki Blood Magic With A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game


A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game 2nd Edition is a fantastic card game from Fantasy Flight and I've been playing it nearly every day for the past week! So, seeing a new Chapter Pack from the end of the first cycle has filled me with glee. Take a look at Calm Over Westeros...

The Necrons Fight The Way Into Warhammer 40,000 Conquest


The boys in boltgun metal with glowing green crystals are coming to the next big deluxe expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest by Fantasy Flight Games. Prepare to welcome the coming of the Necrons who want their worlds back...

New Stories Come To The World Of Fantasy Flight’s Android


Fantasy Flight Games are going to be working on bringing more fiction to the world of Android. The first two stories, Monster Slayer and Monitor are coming soon written by Daniel Lovat Clark and Leigh Alexander respectively...

Android: Netrunner’s Data & Destiny Expansion Now Available


Fantasy Flight Games have now released the Data & Destiny Deluxe Expansion for Android: Netrunner that brings in three new runners, more Corporation identities for the NBN news network and more...

A Game Of Thrones The Card Game 2nd Edition Review – Fight For The Iron Throne


Fantasy Flight Games recently released the 2nd Edition of their A Game Of Thrones The Card Game. This revamped Living Card Game restarts the clock allowing you to fight for the Iron Throne all over again...

Is Your FLGS Part Of The Championship Circuit For FFG?


Fantasy Flight Games has released information about the upcoming 2016 In Store Championships.

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