Play for Honour and Profit in the Android: Netrunner Expansion

December 17, 2013 by dracs

Android: Netrunner is a card game with a steadily growing following, so I am sure that many of you will be excited to hear that Fantasy Flight Games are bringing out a new expansion for it; the fight for Honour and Profit.

Honor and Profit

The network lies before you; which path will you take? Focusing primarily on the interests of Jinteki and three new Criminal runners, Honor and Profit introduces 165 new cards (three copies each of fifty-five different cards) that include a dizzying array of new tricks and traps, events to alter the tempo of your games, new psi talents, and six new identity cards that engender the exploration of all-new deck-building strategies. Additionally, there’s plenty for fans of any faction to discover among the expansion’s neutral ambushes, ice, ops, AI, and connections. - Fantasy Flight Games

Honor and Profit New Cards

The inclusion of these new cards especially the intriguing addition of the new criminal Netrunners should provide gamers with all new tactics and strategies to experience and build upon.

Muchin No Shin

Expansions like these are a great way to bring new life into gaming experiences which are becoming a little repetitive and I know that the search for Honour and Profit will prove a popular addition to many Android: Netrunner players.

Will you ask Santa for this for Christmas?

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