It’s Sudden Death on the Blood Bowl Pitch

March 18, 2013 by dracs

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Last year Ben reported on the announcement of a new expansion for the card game Blood Bowl: Team Manager. well now that expansion has been released. It's time for Sudden Death!

Blood Bowl Sudden Death

This expansion brings you a whole bunch of new options to your games, including three new teams; the Vampires, the Undead and the Dark Elves.

Blood Bowl Team Cards

  • Champions of Death: Not even mortality can stand between an Undead player and the pitch! While Zombies and Skeletons are not the most durable players, they can survive nearly any beating and come back for more! And woe to the opponent who has to stand up against a Mummy or Wight.
  • Black Fangs: The mighty Vampires of the Black Fangs do not know the meaning of mercy—they don’t even show it to their own teammates! Whenever a Vampire player isn’t feasting on one of his Thrall players, he has got his eyes—and fangs—on his opponent.
  • Naggaroth Nightmares: Dark Elves are merciless players, always looking to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses to find the quickest path to victory—even if it means eviscerating the competition. Dark Elf players rely on versatility and brutality, plain and simple.

With all these great new options, this looks to be a must buy expansion for anyone who plays Blood Bowl: Team Manager.

Do you think this will help improve your games?

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