LOKA Continues To Push Stretch Goals On Kickstarter

March 1, 2013 by brennon

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Alessio Cavatore's new game, LOKA is going from strength to strength on Kickstarter with them looking to fund the Earth Chess Set at $50,000. They are very, very close...

Earth Queen

Earth Kingdom Pieces

Above you can see the Queen miniature, painted to perfection, and the whole set below it. I think I would prefer Earth over all of the other elements simply because they have Dwarves as pawns! Those 'Rook' Earth Golems look pretty awesome too.

Terrain Tiles

They have also previewed some of the terrain tiles for the game, which themselves are looking good. I like the art style which has an edge of the cartoon to it. I do have a liking for cool stone circles so I might have to include a lot of them.

Will you be backing LOKA?

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