Save The Lost Children Of Neverland In Matagot’s Peter Pan

July 29, 2022 by brennon

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Matagot has another fun swashbuckling adventure for you to dive into with their upcoming board game, Peter Pan. Designer Marc Paquien is going to have you diving in and trying to save the Lost Children of Neverland.

Peter Pan - Matagot

Peter Pan // Matagot

You will take on the role of Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lilly and even Wendy's brothers John and Michael as you quest around Neverland to find the Lost Children.

Peter Pan Components - Matagot

Peter Pan Components // Matagot

Explore locations with your friends cooperatively to find the children and each time you sit down the play, the island will be a little bit different meaning you'll have to come up with new strategies to find them.

Peter Pan Trailer // Matagot (Found At 39 Minutes)

Each character will have special abilities and be responsible for getting rid of a pesky pirate and finding one of the Lost Children. Your clue cards in hand can be placed on another player's board so that they can zone in on where a Lost Child might be. You will need to get your head around these clues and once you've found five Lost Children you will have won the game. The game will also come to an end if you end up running into pirates more than twice!

At the end of each game, a dice will be rolled to change the topography of the island and bring in new rules. This means that as you continue to play the game it might become easier or harder to find the children! If you did well, the game will get harder. If you failed, then the game might get a bit easier. It's a nice balancing mechanic.

I think Jérémie Fleury's is just gorgeous and this seems like a really fun family deduction game to bring out to play with the kids.

What do you make of what we know so far?

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