Might & Magic Hits The Tabletop With New Board Game

December 8, 2012 by brennon

If you're a fan of Might & Magic then you might be interested to know that a Polish Publisher is taking Marcin Tomczyk's game to the tabletop with Might & Magic: Heroes...

Might & Magic Heroes"In the beginning players control just one hero, a small army and a city. However, with every passing round their heroes gain experience and grow in power, armies become more numerous and small towns turn into enormous capitals. Players recruit new characters, take control of mines producing resources and gold for their factions, defeat monsters prowling the game board, and search for magical artefacts. As time passes they inevitably approach the final confrontation of great, magical kingdoms. The winner will have to prove that his faction is the best developed, boasting many heroes, multiple armies and a large capital. The player who manages to acquire the most power will become the new heir and the supreme ruler of the realm of Ashan – and by achieving this will win the game!"

Ubisoft are obviously behind the game and it appears as if its still looking for an English publisher. It has appeared at shows, like Essen, in its English form but we might not see this until 2013.

Does this sound like the game for you?

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