Mantic Close In On Final Days Of DreadBall 2nd Edition Kickstarter

August 3, 2016 by brennon

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Mantic Games have been closing in on the final few days of their DreadBall 2nd Edition Kickstarter and this means new models for this revamp of the game. We kick things off with their new team, the Matsudan...

DreadBall Matsudan

The Matsudan are their awesome sumo characters that have joined the league to crush you. Despite their immense weight they look like they have a fair bit of speed to them too. They are being led by their Captain who also looks excellent.

DreadBall Matsudan Captain

Other teams aren't missing out either as the Yndij have got themselves a Captain model too.

DreadBall Yndij Captain

I really like the look of these Captains with the elaborate armour standing out from the rest of their team. The Samurai mask on the Matsudan however makes him the better of the two I reckon.

We also have the Sports Robots of course who you can pick up in more numbers.

DreadBall Sports Robots

Commenting on all of this we have some adornment for the side of the DreadBall pitch with Elmer & Dobs. You can just imagine them chortling in the background as one of the players gets turned into paste on the pitch.

DreadBall Commentators

You can go and check out the various Stretch Goals for the game over on their Kickstarter Page. As well as Jack giving you all manner of accessories for your existing teams the Striker Pledge comes packed with SO many models and other bits and pieces too.

Pledge Level (Jack)

Have you been drawn in by this Kickstarter to pledge for the new edition?

Drop your thoughts below!

"Despite their immense weight they look like they have a fair bit of speed to them too..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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