Mantic Deliver More Fluff On Forge Fathers & Enforcers

December 16, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have been putting together a range of blog posts dealing with the background of their various factions and races within the world of Warpath and Deadzone. Kicking things off we'll take a look at the Enforcers and their burly Peacekeepers...

Enforcer Peacekeepers

Peacekeeper (Alt)

The Enforcer Peacekeepers are the big brothers to the already huge Peacekeepers anyway. Clad in awesome armour and with some of the deadliest weaponry the Corporation can muster they're a force to be reckoned with. The Forge Fathers have had a hand in the creation of this armour and whether or not that was a good idea is yet to be seen.


The Enforcers really are a deadly fighting force and they are probably one of the coolest looking factions in both Warpath and Deadzone...

"In the field, Enforcers are disciplined and deadly. Their training allows them to detach themselves from the horrors of war, stripping away their humanity and leaving only a cold, relentless drive to complete their mission no matter the cost. Further to this, they eschew names in the field, instead referring to each other by serial numbers and squad codes. To the outside observer, each Enforcer looks identical, with very few armour variations or personal touches to mark them apart from their squad-mates. This is intentional; if the enemy cannot identify individuals, it is harder for him to ascertain their numbers."


Iron Ancestor

The Forge Fathers have also been delved into in more detail with a closer look at the Brokkr and the Iron Ancestors that they'll be taking into battle against the Plague and everyone else for that matter. If you want to learn more about these stunted warriors from the Star Forges then you can check it out over on the links.

Are you a Forge Father or Enforcer fan?

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