Mantic Games Take Hellboy To Mexico With New Kickstarter Expansion!

May 9, 2018 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been doing exceptionally well with its new Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Board Game. Their newest expansion though does something very awesome, and indeed different, with the Hellboy crew.

Hellboy Main Image

In the next expansion to be unlocked, and available right now over on their campaign page, we're Hellboy go off to Mexico...

Hellboy In Mexico Box fight alongside Luchadors against Vampires and Undead Conquistadors!

Hellboy In Mexico - Mantic Games

The first of the models, which we've seen pop up already this week, is Luchador Hellboy here who looks like he is ready to cause some havoc in the ring. He will then be joined by plenty of new models to help develop the cast including some fellow Wrestlers!

Hellboy Luchador - Mantic Games

Not to go two stereotypical but I reckon that Hellboy would be a rather big fan of all of that tequila. Drinking, fighting and beating up bad guys is pretty much on Hellboy's constant to-do list.

Hellboy Luchador #2 - Mantic Games

As we mentioned though the real threat to Hellboy and crew down there in Mexico is the coming Vampire invasion.

A New Dusk Till Dawn?

Not only is Hellboy and crew going to have to contend with Vampire like this fellow here...

Hellboy Vampire - Mantic Games

...but we're also seeing some of them taking on monstrous forms and sprouting animalistic bodyparts as they grow in power.

Helboy Luchador Bat - Mantic Games

It's fun seeing where the team at Mantic Games can take the Hellboy collection to give you something a bit more unique. We're seeing some very cool sculpts for this range and, as mentioned in previous articles about Hellboy, if they come out at the same level of quality as we saw with The Walking Dead: All Out War then I am going to be mightily impressed.

Hellboy Vampire Bat - Mantic Games

This isn't the only foe they'll be facing though as you'll also have to contend with invaders who died in Mexico many years ago, also stirred up by whatever evil lurks in the country.

Hellboy Undead Spanish Soldier - Mantic Games

While I love all of these additional models that we're seeing here, each giving collectors something entirely new and different to paint, we're also in no doubt that someone needs to come up with a fun wrestling mini-game to play with these guys as well once they're done beating up all the bad guys.

This will be available as a Limited Edition Expansion. There will be ONE print run for this expansion to the game and then that is it. So, if you like the idea of Hellboy hanging around in Mexico you're going to have to make a decision on when to pick it up.

Will you be visiting Hellboy in Mexico?

"Drinking, fighting and beating up bad guys is pretty much on Hellboy's constant to-do list."

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