Mantic Games Prepare For Dungeon Saga Origins Kickstarter!

March 27, 2023 by brennon

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Mantic Games are preparing for their Kickstarter that looks to bring Dungeon Saga back to the tabletop! Dungeon Saga Origins will see some well-known heroes of Pannithor learning the adventuring ropes and delving deep into all manner of dungeon-based quests!

Dungeon Saga Kickstarter - Mantic Games 23

Dungeon Saga Origins Kickstarter // Mantic Games

Dungeon Saga Origins is going to work as a prequel whilst also being a reboot for the Dungeon Saga line. A lot of what made the game fun to dive into before is still baked into the mechanics but there are also a few changes here and there to make the experience a lot more streamlined.

In the first of the videos from Mantic, Ronnie went through some of the burning questions that folks had about Dungeon Saga Origins.

Dungeon Saga Origins - Ronnie Answers Your Questions

In the second video, Mantic sat down to discuss game mechanics, design choices and more. They delve into their choices surrounding the new miniatures, the design of components, mechanics and more.

Dungeon Saga Origins - Design and Mechanics Interview

I like that the versus mode is still included with the game but I am heartened to hear that they have introduced a solo/cooperative mode into the mix as well. I'm sure that the one-versus-many mode is one that some folks still enjoy but I've very much come over to the side of cooperatively working together to beat the game.

Dungeon Saga Miniatures - Mantic Games

Dungeon Saga Origins - Miniatures // Mantic Games

It also seems like Mantic has done a lot to streamline the experience and make it one worth diving into as a newcomer to dungeon crawlers. It's good to have options!

There is much more discussed across the two videos so I would suggest giving them a watch, especially if you're on the edge about diving in and picking this up come 30th March. I am more interested in picking this up now than I was with the original edition of the game.

Dungeon Saga Origins - Launching 30th March 2023

Keep an eye out for more from Dungeon Saga Origins over the coming days and let us know your thoughts on the changes and updates they are bringing to the game.

Will you be diving into Dungeon Saga Origins?

"They delve into their choices surrounding the new miniatures, the design of components, mechanics and more..."

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