Mantic & Vallejo Team Up On Hellboy Paint Set

April 25, 2019 by brennon

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Mantic Games has teamed up with Vallejo to bring a new paint set to the tabletop for those who just picked up Hellboy: The Board Game and want to get stuck into painting the figures!

Hellboy Painting Set - Vallejo

The set will come with a range of paints that are perfect for painting up Big Red, his allies and some of the monsters. You'll also get yourself a resin Hellboy miniature which you can use to test out new paint schemes and of course then add into the game.

As you'll have noted the set will be available May 24th over on the Vallejo store and via Mantic Games' webstore too.

Have you been getting stuck into Hellboy?

"You'll also get yourself a resin Hellboy miniature..."

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