Mantic’s DreadBall Season 5 Now Ready For Pre-Order

May 27, 2015 by brennon

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DreadBall Season 5 is now up and ready for pre-order from Mantic Games. If you're looking to pit Mutants against Robots with Convicts and Kalyshi on the side then this could be the set for you...

DreadBall Season 5 Rulebook

The Teams

The teams for Season Five are quite varied in their appearance. As stated above there are quite a few different ones including the Ro-Tek Brutes, Kovoss Kryptics, Bremlin Nebulas and Long Rock Lifers.

Ro-Tek Brutes

Kovoss Kryptics

I think that as teams these two above are probably some of the best looking they've done. There is so much weird stuff going on with the Mutants that they're not only going to find a place on the DreadBall pitch I reckon.

As well as those two weird teams there are these below who you'll be familiar with from Xtreme. Now they've been let out of the prison and are ready to fight it out with the big boys.

Bremlin Nebulas

Long Rock Lifers

Star Players

As well as all these new teams there are some All Stars to help give you that edge you need in your games. See what you make of the Strike Zone Stunners below who give you some options for the teams above...

Strike Zone Stunners

So who is above?

Brickbat' Vognar - Vognar's is a rollercoaster tale - from leaving a life of piracy to become a DreadBall star, being banned for an 'altercation' that got out of hand, until his latest redemption and re-acceptance by the DGB. Vognar is here to stay, and anyone who thinks otherwise will swiftly find out where the nickname 'Brickbat' comes from...

Kailasa - her kind used to be the keepers of their civilisation, teaching, nurturing and using their wisdom to guide the Kalyshi on their own path. Nobody is quite sure why Kailasa chose to leave all that behind and play DreadBall instead, but with the displays that she puts on, neither the fans nor the DGB are complaining. The players who have to face her however...

Brute Force - A ninety pound girl on the DreadBall pitch may sound a little odd, but when you realise that ninety pound girl is strapped into a five hundred pound mech suit that she modified herself, it makes a little more sense. Brute Force is the apt name that the fans have christened her with, and she seems happy enough to go with it. Sher certainly lives up to it...

'Dead Man' Davitz - There are few players who can say that they personally picked up their own posthumous award for excellence from the DGB academy. In fact, there is only one, and he's still picking up awards to this day, together with all the bits of himself that keep getting knocked off on the pitch.

Which of them would you count on to turn the table for you in DreadBall?

Will you be picking up Season 5?

"As well as all these new teams there are some All Stars to help give you that edge you need in your games"

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"The teams for Season Five are quite varied in their appearance"

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