Mantic’s Five Reasons Why You Should Play DreadBall

January 7, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic are back in force over on their blog and they have decided that you folks need to play more DreadBall this year. So, see their top five reasons why you should be playing their futuristic sports game below and then more on it over at their site.


It's really easy to get started!

It's a great side project!

It's even better with friends!

It's fast, fun, and tactical!

It's not over yet!

All of which we of course totally agree with as you'll see if you go and check out some of our DreadBall Academy videos we did with the masterful James M. Hewitt.

A’Teo Adysi

The run down also came with the concept art for a new MVP for the game, A’Teo Adysi who looks like he might do a bit of cheating with that prehensile tail of his. Silly alien monkey-cat...thing.

Have you been playing DreadBall during the start of 2014?

Let us know.

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