Meet The Heroes From FFG’s Descent: Legends Of The Dark

May 14, 2021 by fcostin

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The Descent: Legends of the Dark board game from Fantasy Flight Games has been looming for a while now. And every so often, we get a nugget and or glimpse of information telling us more about this exciting title set to be released this year.

Brynn the Human Avenger // Descent: Legends Of The Dark

However, Fantasy Flight Games have introduced us all to upcoming new game heroes. With a leader, a healer, a bowman, a magically gifted, an alchemist and a keen assassin joining the highly anticipated title, introducing the six new heroes of Terrinoth.

Brynn is the embodiment of justice. As a noble character from a disciplined background, she serves as a fierce warrior with experience in the art of war.

"Equipped with a Warden’s Blade and Weighted Warhammer, Brynn is the powerhouse of the band of heroes. Trained by the Marshals to confront enemies head-on, she uses her Outmanuever ability to quickly attack enemies with brute force. On the other hand, her Steady Defense ability allows her to take hits and protect allies with her heavy armor. Brynn is great for players who want to be a bold warrior and an inspiring leader."

Vaerix the Dragon-Hybrid Outcast // Descent: Legends of the Dark

Vaerix oozes wisdom for the past. However, due to internal conflicts towards hybrids, he became cast out and a wanderer of the world to repress the pain once caused by his own people.

"Vaerix is both a survivor and a group healer, which is showcased through their abilities Survivor and Respite. Their skills and abilities allow them to manipulate other heroes’ cards and helps recover fatigue and damage. At the onset of their legend, they are armed with an Ironthorn Warbell and Riverwatch Spear with light to medium armor. Vaerix is great for players who want to support others and be a reluctant visionary."

Galaden the Elf Huntsman // Descent: Legends of the Dark

Galaden is a survivor. After his troublesome past, and overseeing pain of the company around him and ultimately leaving him alone. Alike other members of his family, he is deaf and cannot hear - which can be pretty fascinating for somebody who wields a bow. His other senses are heightened making him a ferocious hunter on the lookout for his next prey.

"Between his Light Step ability and his rapid manipulation of cards, Galaden is swift both in movement and tactics. With survivalist and warrior tendencies, his Swear Vengeance ability allows him to expose enemies in the line of sight, forcing them to take extra damage from attacks. Galaden has weapons that reflect his playstyle as well: a ranged weapon in the Bloodwood Bow and Mirror Blades for quick attacks. Galaden is great for players who want elite skills, while staying distant to other heroes."

Syrus the Human Prodigy // Descent: Legends of the Dark

Syrus is gifted in the art of magic and has made a formidable student learning the craft. He has a strong and formed bond with his phoenix above, once saving his life from peril. Syrus is keen to learn more about the realm around him, growing his magical skills and abilities from where he passed.

"Syrus has complementary abilities in both the Empower and Phoenix Bond. With magic on his side, Syrus can more easily turn advantages, which are potential successes while attacking, into successes. However, he must suffer fatigue. The Phoenix Bond ability allows Syrus to gather fatigue, to then deal greater damage to enemies. Syrus is great for those who want to solve problems with brilliance and overwhelming magical force."

Kehli the Dwarf Artificer // Descent: Legends of the Dark

Kehli aspires to be a hero. Idealising the stories once told through generations, she aspires to be the greatest. Mastering skills in both Alchemy and blacksmithy, she is a force to not be contended with. Secretly belonging to two different guilds, she has reaped all of her knowledge and will continue to carve a heroic path of justice in her wake.

"With intelligence on her side, Kehli uses her two abilities, Adaptable and Clever Trap, to outsmart her adversaries. One guarantees she always has access to the best tools for the job, while the other allows her to, you guessed it, trap and slow her opponents. Being the master alchemist and blacksmith she is, Kehli is certain to have a horde of resources and tools in any given situation. This is true especially with her weapons, the True Aim Crossbow and Double-Headed Hammer. Kehli is great for those who know they are the best and don't mind who knows it."

Chance the Hyrrinx Rogue // Descent: Legends of the Dark

Chance is no stranger to rough living. Forced into a life of crime from a young age due to exile. He boasts a natural thief and a master assassin. His skills are incredibly unique, and were not unrecognised thus encouraged to serve his master, the Outlaw Prince. Who Chance is indebted to for removing the uncertainties in his life.

"As a little guy himself, Chance is always alert for an opportunity to score the telling blow, using stealth to bide his time until the moment is right to strike. These traits are in the forefront of his two abilities: Child of Darkness and On the Prowl. Chance thrives in hiding in the shadows and with his two weapons, the Thorntip Knives and Shadowclaw Gauntlet, he is sure to land some brutal combos. Chance is great for those who want to be a clever, deadly warrior for the common folk."

If you wanted to read the full announcement of characters, be sure to head over to the Fantasy Flight News section here, where they take a deeper look at these characters and their background and context.

Descent: Legends of the Dark // Fantasy Flight Games

Descent: Legends of the Dark is a cooperative dungeon crawling experience for 1-4 players, aiming to be released this year.

Who is your favourite upcoming hero for Descent: Legends of the Dark?

"A leader, a healer, a bowman, a magically gifted, an alchemist and a keen assassin are fit to join the fray. "

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