Meet The Mighty Heroes Of Mantic’s Dungeon Sagas

July 16, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have been teasing out some information on the new Dwarf King's Quest game which will form the first in a series of adventures for the Dungeon Sagas series which was talked about by Jake Thornton over on his blog recently. See what you think of the first two heroes...


First up we have the mighty Human Barbarian by the name of Orlaf, a very fitting moniker for this burly looking soul. I like that they've gone with the feral look and even channeled a bit of Diablo in the design process. The topknot and style of beard is very reminiscent of the latest game in the series.


Not to be outdone we have the Elf Ranger Madriga looking suitably annoyed at something that has clearly gone wrong. It was probably the Dwarf's fault but he'll never own up to that I reckon. Another great looking character with oodles of detail and from the few sculpts we've spied on the internet it looks like Mantic are pulling out all the stops for these.

More is coming out from Mantic over the next few days and weeks for this game and indeed we'll be covering it at some point so watch out for that on the horizon!

Are you ready for more dungeon delving?

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