Meet The HATE Princes & A Mighty Mercenary Fighting For Your Tribe

January 8, 2018 by brennon

CMON have been showing off progressively more and more of HATE over the last few weeks and over the last few days we got a real good look at the major character leading the different tribes with these rather towering Princes.

HATE Prince #1

Each of these warriors is the embodiment of their Tribe and powerful individuals in their own right who can hold their own on the battlefield.

HATE Prince #2

You'll also note, as well as the strong aesthetic links between the Princes and their tribes, that they are also MUCH bigger than the already 32mm scale warriors they have at their command.

HATE Prince #3

This is also the first time that we're getting to see all of the Tribes in their full glory, ready to get stuck into the fighting and slaughter on the battlefield.

HATE Prince #4

No doubt each of them is going to have some neat twists on the gameplay in HATE, giving them both tactical options for commanding their warriors and ways to dish out pain on their own.

Some people have commented on the over-the-top nature of these Princes but I think it's an awesome idea. I love the idea of this Fantasy world where these hulking warriors have risen to prominence and maybe their increased stature is due to some other force at play.

Mighty Mercenary

As well as the look at these Princes and the Tribes we also got a look at one of the Mercenaries who can be hired by your Tribe to fight alongside you. This loner warrior was sculpted by Patrick Masson...

HATE Mercenary #1

She looks almost as towering and dominating as the Princes themselves and armed with all manner of cruel hooks and barbs for ensnaring her foes.

HATE Mercenary #2

These warriors can be hired (or more likely pressured) into joining your tribe to fight in place of regular warriors. They come with their own set of abilities and options and might be the thing you need to swing a hard fight against an arch-nemesis.

What do you think of the latest previews?

"Each of these warriors is the embodiment of their Tribe..."

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