Megacon Games Close In On Final Hours Of MERCS: Recon!

April 18, 2014 by brennon

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Megacon Games are closing in on the final few hours of their MERCS: Recon Kickstarter and they are rounding things off with a bit of law enforcement. Bring on The Tribunal...

The Tribunal

This chap is part of the GCC Mission Pack that could be unlocked if there is a massive push as the Kickstarter comes to a close. The folks behind the game have already said that they are some of the coolest miniatures they've ever designed so if that isn't a push I don't know what is!


They have however unlocked the rather neat looking EZ-LDR which will be a Kickstarter exclusive! Interestingly the model also works across the void and into Myth as well. We have some rather neat Myth stuff coming soon so keep an eye out for it.

MERCS Recon Demos

The game seems to have gone down a storm at events like PAX and there is a more up to date demo run through of the game above so you can learn how to play before you pledge.

Here's what you get in the basic sets...


...and that's before you've even added on any of the extra bits and piece for this rather expansive game.

Have you pledged?

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