Megacon’s The Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter Launches

November 12, 2015 by brennon

Megacon Games have now launched their The Banner Saga: Warbands Board Game Kickstarter. This follows on from the amazing PC game by Stoic Studios and continues the thrill of exciting skill based battles and hard decisions as you try to survive in this Viking inspired Fantasy world...

Banner Saga Warbands Logo

I love the PC game and so it's wonderful to see the artwork and world that was created there bought back to the tabletop. The game itself was developed as a tabletop game originally, especially surrounding the way close combat is worked out, so it's great to see it back to its roots.

The Game

The game sees you playing as both the Humans and Varls (giants) that inhabit this Viking world. Driven out of their homes by the marauding and relentless forces of the Dredge you will have to make sure that as well as being great warriors you also keep your Warband alive on the dangerous roads travelled in this harsh landscape.Banner Saga Box

Inside the game you have everything that you see below include some amazing plastic miniatures and so many incredibly high detail and well designed cards.

Banner Saga Contents

During the game you will each be assigned a role which has its own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You will have to balance your own progress with that of the others in your Warband so that you keep everyone on an even keel. If one member of the warband becomes more powerful then that means others will begin to weaken as all your resources are spent elsewhere.

Player Boards

As well as that you will also be dealing with narrative driven choices throughout the game. When you draw these cards you will have to decide on the best course of action and you won't know what the outcome will be until you flip over the card and realise the consequences of your actions. This is very much like the original PC game.

Player Cards

Of course not everything is going to be solved by diplomacy. Sometimes you will have to fight and when you do you play out the battles atop a small additional board packed with miniatures for both sides. The combats are diceless and have no random element to them so they are just down to the guile and tactics of your placements and choice of attacks.


This is, again, just like with the PC game where you have to make a choice as to the type of strikes you make and what special rules you use. The miniatures are, as you fantastic looking and come in plastic. Hopefully the final miniatures are going to look this superb when the final game comes out.


If you're interested in finding out some more about the rules then you can download them HERE.

The Pledges

If you're looking to focus in on the different pledge levels for the game then we have them here below. There are three right now which include the special Warband Cart which you can use for the game.

Pledge Levels

I think this is a fantastic looking game and the actual Kickstarter seems like very good value for money as well which is great. I urge you to pick up the PC game as well if you can because it is well worth the money and just the start of the epic saga.

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"The game sees you playing as both the Humans and Varls (giants) that inhabit this Viking world..."

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