Delve Into Dungeons With Microgame Mini Rogue

February 23, 2019 by brennon

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Mountain Gold Games a while back now released a Microgame called Mini Rogue. This game is entirely free to download and it involves very little printing. All of the components amount to just nine cards!

Mini Rogue - Paolo Stefano & Gabriel Gendron

Mini Rogue has you taking on the role of a dungeon delving hero where each run is randomly generated from the nine cards you have in the game deck. Each time you sit down to play the dungeon might be slightly different, making it both harder and easier in equal measure.

Mini Rogue Print & Play Components - Paolo Stefano & Gabriel Gendron

As well as the variance in the way the game is laid out, there are different difficulty levels that you can try and attempt as well. This means that while minimalistic this game has a lot of replay value, especially for a solo game.

All of the rules can be downloaded HERE and all of the cards you need to play the game HERE. You just need to source some dice and some cubes/tokens/gems to mark certain things and you're good to go.

This game has been out for a while now but even so, I'm intrigued by it. The artwork looks superb in style and from the gameplay I have watched it seems simple yet tactical in its decision-making process.

This is well worth having a look at!

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