New Miniatures Sighted For Down & Dirty DreadBall Xtreme!

May 10, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games are chugging away behind the scenes on DreadBall Xtreme and you can see what you think of some of the new renders for miniatures coming out with the game!

The Tsudochan

Koris Jack

Ardia Shi'lek - Kickstarter Exclusive Sponsor

Above are the renders for the Tsudochan, Koris and the Kickstarter Exclusive Ardia. I am a massive fan of the middle chap, Koris, who looks like he would be an awesome player in DreadBall with all those arms and legs. He could snatch up a fair few balls AND smash a few heads at the same time.

Some very cool looking miniatures and for those of you who got in on this it seems like there is plenty of awesome stuff on the horizon. Apparently at the next Mantic Open Day you might get to play with the new stuff!

Something to look forward to?

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