Two New Miscreants Join Privateer’s Riot Quest Roster

September 30, 2019 by brennon

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Privateer Press are keeping up the releases for Riot Quest with two new characters which you can use to add more diversity into your crew. The first of these is the pint-sized Harlowe Holdemhigh.

Harlow Heldemhigh - Privateer Press

"He’s small of stature and even lower of character, but Harlowe Holdemhigh always takes the high ground with his highway-harrying exploits! Armed with twin-magelock pistols, he’s the most notorious highwayman in the Iron Kingdoms [under 4' tall]!"

This fellow is very cool as I've mentioned before and he is certainly not going to be messed with since he has those two magelock pistols in hand. When you're small people tend to underestimate you! The model is rather nice although I feel like the face, at least from this painted example, has got a little lost in the model. Otherwise though, this fellow would be a fun addition to your team.

Winging It!

You can also pick up Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire.

Widget Tinker Extraordinaire - Privateer Press

"This wiz with a wrench has a place on your bench! As good at fixing things as she is at breaking them—you can see the advantage to that—Widget will leave your opponent asking where this angel got her wings. (Answer: She crafted them out of the sorry scraps of the last scavenger to get in her way.)"

She looks like she is very happy with her lot in life, doesn't she? I really like the wings and the fact that she's swinging around a massive wrench which looks like it would do a hell of a lot of damage if it clonked someone on the head!

Riot Quest has let the team at Privateer Press play around with lots of different sculpting ideas and be more inventive with the characters which is always nice to see. Added to that, it's good to see more heroes coming out to support the game so you don't see quick so many mirror matches.

What do you make of these two new models?

"'s good to see more heroes coming out to support the game so you don't see quick so many mirror matches"

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