Mutant Chronicles: Siege Of The Citadel 2nd Edition Kickstarter Launches

September 8, 2016 by brennon

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Modiphius and Cabinet Entertainment have now taken to Kickstarter to bring Mutant Chronicles: Siege Of The Citadel 2nd Edition to life. This old school gem of a game is getting ready for a new and improved version.

Siege of the Citadel (Main)

The hope is that this game is going to bring back the feel of the old 1990's board game but with a new twist and an awesome selection of designers behind it too. Richard Borg (Memoir '44, Battlelore) will be bringing his classic back to life alongside the likes of Eric Lang, Kevin Wilson and Jay Little. Quite the all star cast!

What Is Siege Of The Citadel?

Set in the universe of Mutant Chronicles this game sees you taking on the role of DoomTroopers battling against the forces of the Dark Legion as they assault the monstrous Alakhai in his Citadel in an effort to bring him down.

Siege of the Citadel (Old)

One of the interesting things about this game is the way in which the enemy, the Dark Legion, are handled. Whereas in other games of this style one player would take on the mantle of the bad guy you will be taking it in turns here.


While each player takes control of a faction and the heroes within it they will also be trying to brutalise the other players around the table in a semi-cooperative game. If you do a good job as the Dark Legion player then you might end up giving boons to your faction in future games.

Each player will get a faction board as you see below where they will equip and upgrade their character.

Player Sheet

One of the big things behind the game is the you'll gain promotional points as you push through the different missions. These can be earned from general gameplay and secret objectives that you're trying to complete each game to give things an additional twist.


As it stands we haven't got a gameplay video to show off for this one but it looks like it's going to draw on some tried and tested 'delving' mechanics as well as some new mechanics to spice things up.

Heroes vs Ezoghoul

With such a pedigree of designing talent behind this game we reckon this one is going to be quite the hit. Drawing on that nostalgia factor and the resurgence of Mutant Chronicles as a universe to explore means that there's going to be some fans clamouring for this.

Tech vs Door

Did you play the original game? If so we'd love to hear what you thought of it and where you'd like to see this game improve upon it.

What's In The Pledge?

You can pick up the Core Game from Kickstarter now, it's contents of which you can see here (click to take a closer look).

Base Game Contents

A range of big bad guys from the Dark Legion as well as representatives from the factions of the Mutant Chronicles world are popping up as the heroes. I particularly like the Cybertronic and Bauhaus characters as I reckon they're going to be the most epic. They have the poses for it at least!

Initial Stretch Goals have also been set...

Stretch Goals

So you have something to aim towards already!

Will you be keeping an eye on this one?

"Richard Borg (Memoir '44, Battlelore) will be bringing his classic back to life alongside the likes of Eric Lang, Kevin Wilson and Jay Little. Quite the all star cast!"

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