Monolith Power On To New Stretch Goals In Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

March 13, 2018 by brennon

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Monolith is powering through to all manner of awesome stretch goals as part of their campaign for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. They have, as you might imagine, smashed through loads already so we're going to be taking a look at a few today...

Batman Gotham City Chronicles - Monolith

One of the big pieces of news for the game that came out over the last few days was an announcement regarding translations. As well as being translated into English and French as printed copies, there will also be PDF versions in both Spanish and German.

There were issues with the rulebook for Conan but it looks like they are trying to get down to the nub of the problem here, get the rulebooks right in these four languages, and take it from there. Sadly, you can never hit everyone when it comes to something like this but this should provide a good groundwork for community members to provide their own translations going forward too.

New Characters

Now, we look towards some of the new characters that were added to the mix recently. One of them that caught my eye was this sculpt for the all-powerful nemesis of Batman, Ra’s Al Ghul.

Ra’s Al Ghul - Batman Gotham City Chronicles

He looks every part the dark sorcerer and swordsman that you would have assumed he was. I like the big flowing cloak, high collar and reaching hand which seems to give him an air of dominance. You could see him facing down against Batman on the tabletop like that for sure.

We also have this new character that wasn't seen in any of the previews, Bluebird.

Blue Bird - Batman Gotham City Chronicles

Harper Row and her brother were rescued by the Dark Knight himself and she now lends her support and technical expertise to the fighting, providing Batman with all manner of new toys to play with AND getting stuck in herself too.

She has access to some awesome gadgets on the tabletop and is a vigilante in her own right, cleaning up the streets of Gotham.

Moving on from her, the campaign also unlocked Batwoman recently as part of their stretch goals...

Batwoman - Batman Gotham City Chronicles

The piece looks like it has been toned down a bit since the last time we saw it as part of the previews. It does still look exceptionally skintight as a costume, but things appear to have been made a little more subtle. It may just be a trick of the light and nothing has changed, but she does look rather cool. There are so many flowing capes and clokes in this game!

Stretch Goals Ahead

By the time you read this, they will have probably powered on through more stretch goals but here's what's coming for the campaign right now.

Recent Stretch Goals - Batman Gotham City Chronicles

Catwoman and Black Mask would be awesome characters to see added to the mix so make sure you keep an eye on this one.

Have you taken the plunge into this Kickstarter?

"One of them that caught my eye was this sculpt for the all-powerful nemesis of Batman, Ra’s Al Ghul..."

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