Get Even More Violent With Gutter Bowl Expansion For Blood Bowl

June 20, 2023 by brennon

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Games Workshop previewed something a bit different this week for fans of Blood Bowl. Their Fantasy sports game is heading out onto the streets and getting even more violent (if that could be a thing!) with the fringe sport of Gutter Bowl.

Gutter Bowl - Blood Bowl

Gutter Bowl // Blood Bowl

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Inside the set, you'll get two game boards with matching dugouts for your different teams. There is also a new rulebook which introduces the various tweaks to the core rules that allow you to play out your tussles on the streets. The change of "pitch" means that there are all sorts of odd things that can happen. Your ball might bounce off a market stall, get lodged in a sewer or you might end up getting chased around the city by the town guard. There are also new Kick-Off Events that are themed to Gutter Bowl.

Gutter Bowl Art - Blood Bowl

Gutter Bowl - Art // Blood Bowl

You will still need to get your hands on the Core Rules in order to play Gutter Bowl but if you're looking to put together a different style of game during the course of your league, this might be worth having a peek at. It will be fun to see just how mad things get once people get this to the tabletop.

Blood Bowl is still one of my favourite games and perhaps the Games Workshop game that I've played the most. The variety of teams, star players and expansions that are available for the game now is great to see with it chugging away in the background of the design studio.

Are you going to be trying out Gutter Bowl?

"The change of "pitch" means that there are all sorts of odd things that can happen..."

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