Decrypt Morgan’s Magic Map & Locate Lost Treasures To Plunder

September 2, 2022 by fcostin

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Rio Grande Games are gearing up to release a pirate-fuelled adventure of plundering pirates in search of booty, doubloons and gold across the map as you seek to dig up the spoils. Captain Morgan’s lost treasure has been scattered, and each player will be competing for greed to rake in the liberated cargo in Morgan’s Magic Map.

Morgan's Magic Map - Rio Grande Games

Morgan's Magic Map // Rio Grande Games

During his prime, Morgan had buried his loot to ensure that no other pirate would be swagging in his spoils. Remembering the locations of each sack of wealth, he then tore his map into tiny pieces. Sadly after offending a sourceress, he became cursed; resurrecting his hoard from beyond the grave and pointing future pirates to their individual locations.

Morgan's Magic Map Gameplay

There is a lot of treasure to get through, and two to six players will be competing for the gold. Players will be working from different pieces and fractions of the map itself, rearranging their order to point to different locations to search, hoping to rake in the most to be proven the best modern pirate since Captain Morgan himself.

Players will be using their maps to reference an area on their 4x5 grid, spanning across land and sea. They'll be hoping to bury their heads into a treasure map with reference points, distances and bonus points to collect.

The ability to rotate tiles and not move them ensures that the land meets the land and that the water flows freely into the water. Players will head off with their pirates to dive into an adventure, raking in the treasure scattered across the map. The further players travel into the deep, the more promising rewards that will follow.

As each tile moves, the board will continuously change. Affecting not only your own treasure-finding opportunities but your opponents. This means being tactical in your hunt for gold is sure to inconvenience other pirates in search of riches too.

Morgan's Magic Map Coming Soon

Once the treasure has all been collected and players have made their competitive way through the treasure cards they will then tally points to determine the winner. Adding up the dominant finder of each coloured treasure type and then rewarding players with six doubloons as a bonus for targeting a unique collection. Whoever has the most points at the end of a roughly thirty to fourty minute game will be the richest pirate and head on to their next treasure hunt.

Morgan’s Magic Map is set to be released in October this year. So, if you are looking for a scavenger hunt that revolves around a constantly changing map, be sure to get your Wayfinder wave on this autumn.

Think you’ll be able to rake in most of Captain Morgan’s treasure?

"Captain Morgan’s lost treasure has been scattered and each player will be competing to rake in the liberated cargo..."

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