Mythic Games Preview Darkest Dungeon Board Game

August 3, 2020 by brennon

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Mythic Games took the final day of GenCon Online to reveal their new Kickstarter project coming later this year, Darkest Dungeon, based on the hit video game.

Darkest Dungeon Board Game Teaser - Mythic Games.jpg

Darkest Dungeon Board Game Teaser // Mythic Games

The preview video (featured above) takes you through how the game plays from around the thirty-minute mark. As a campaign game, you'll be questing into terrifying and hardcore dungeons to battle monsters, cultists and more. As you fight, you take on deadlier foes and battle bosses before being allowed to enter the Darkest Dungeon and defeat the final boss.

The idea behind the board game adaptation is that it's just that. It faithfully uses many elements from the video game but tweaks things to make it a board game of its very own. It's a proper dangerous dungeon crawler filled with interesting challenges it seems.

Darkest Dungeon Board Game With Leo - Mythic Games.jpg

Darkest Dungeon Board Game With Leo // Mythic Games

The miniatures are looking absolutely fantastic for this and I love that they have managed to make them look so spot on compared to their digital counterparts. Leo, seen above, really does dive into a lot of detail about the gameplay that you're going to experience when sitting down to have a pop at this on the tabletop so make sure to watch the video if this game appeals to you. I do particularly like that the sidescrolling nature of the game has been replicated in the stance mechanics which then influence the tile-based fights in the centre of the gaming space.

As someone who is a big fan of Darkest Dungeon, I am very interested to give this one a go myself. Hopefully, it's as brutal as the video game it's based on! You do of course already have a fantastic soundtrack to play this game too which is great.

Are you going to watching out for this Kickstarter?

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