The Nameless Fear In The Darkness Comes To Mantic’s Star Saga

October 6, 2016 by brennon

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As one of the upcoming Add-Ons and Expansions to Star Saga Mantic Games have brought together The Nameless as a new force for you to fight against in the facility.

Fear In The Darkness Expansion

You'll get a whole bunch of Kickstarter Exclusive bits and pieces which will allow you to send your grizzled Sci-Fi heroes against this strange collection of aliens. If you just want the models you can do that too...

Nameless Minions Pack

These would be quite the joy to paint we reckon. All you'd need is a good base coat, some washes and then to pick out of some of the key details.

Creature Feature

Mantic actually sent through some of the artwork for these creatures and you can see them in more detail below.


One of the main creatures that drew our attention was the Assassin that you see here. With those big long bladed arms and legs, he could spear an unaware hero from the darkness before dragging them off into the shadows.

Following on from him we have what Mantic have called the 'Critters'.

Critter A

Critter B

Now seems about the right time to show off some of the fluff behind this expansion to the game...

"As the dust settles on planet Eiras, the survivors of Blaine's team return to a meeting with Blaine aboard his starship, 'Dictator'. In their possession is something of exceptional value, an item sure to fetch a great price from some of the most wealthy and powerful beings in the galaxy. However, the Council of Seven are not the only beings with an interest in what was taken from Eiras.


Emerging from mist-shrouded worlds on the edge of corporate space, ‘The Nameless’ are shuffling, rolling, and oozing forth. From tentacled swarms of octopedal minions to titanic ‘ogres’ with thick, crab-like shells and man-crushing claws, there is no end to the horrors of the Nameless horde.

Terrible events in their own planetary system and the very real possibility of mass extinction have led some Nameless factions to resort to extreme measures in order to survive. Seemingly random incursions into GCPS space and attacks on its facilities are all designed to find a means of salvation for their race.


Now, following a mysterious tip-off that revealed the location of Blaine and his prized cargo from Eiras, a strike team of tentacled creatures attacks Blaine’s hideout, forcing Blaine himself to fight for his life. Faced with the ruthless onslaught of the frenzied Nameless, can Blaine and his mercenary crew survive their toughest challenge yet?"

The design of the Nameless is very interesting and takes from the likes of the Flood from Halo and of course all those alien creatures you've seen in Hollywood movies like Independence Day. This big Ogre however really would give your heroes pause for thought.


Bringing in a sense of the 'Cthulhu' to proceedings as well I think this massive crab-beast would be one hell of a mini-boss to face. The addition of the Nameless should also help those make a choice on Star Saga now they have something beyond the standard humans to fight in their Sci-Fi dungeon.

What do you think?

"With those big long bladed arms and legs, he could spear an unaware hero from the darkness before dragging them off into the shadows..."

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