Help Nancy Drew Investigate The Magnolia Gardens Murder

September 20, 2021 by fcostin

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The Hunt A Killer string of subscription board games are incredible for those who love to dive deep and thrive in the involvement into an unravelling mystery. A new investigation is heading our way and this time not via subscription.

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Game Components and Clues // Mystery at Magnolia Gardens

Available on Amazon, The Mystery at Magnolia Gardens features the famous Nancy Drew in another string of clue-ridden mysteries surrounding a devious poisoning event in a mysterious botanical garden.

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Box Contents // Mystery at Magnolia Gardens

Within the box, players are provided with everything they need to start sleuthing, including reports and research material, as players see a fresh perspective through the eyes of Nancy Drew amongst a jungle of stunning and dangerous plants.

"When Nancy Drew begins to investigate a potential poisoning at the botanical garden known as Magnolia Gardens, Nancy herself comes down with the same mysterious illness as the victim. It soon becomes clear to an ailing Nancy that someone at Magnolia Gardens has been using the facility’s dangerous plants for nefarious purposes, the guilty party is still on the loose, and Nancy needs your help to solve the case before the culprit strikes again."

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Mystery at Magnolia Gardens

Before the culprit strikes again, Nancy Drew needs a bit of backup to take the sneaky killer down. Needing help with all aspects of the case. From start to finish, players will hunt for motives and clues to pin down the bad guy. Players will decipher clues and puzzles to help the unwinding of the story-telling experience, with plenty of shocks and turn to avoid linear gameplay.

The game can take roughly around 60-90 minutes to play through, and whether you are heading out as a team of investigators as a family or a challenging solo - 1-5 players can enjoy the scheming and sculpting to take down the killer on the loose. Be careful to not let the little ones too close though, we are still hunting down a killer! So better off getting those teenagers to work to prove just how good an investigator you are!

I love the idea of the poisonous plant murderer! It is lovely to take a different approach to a tactical and sly murderer within a murder mystery experience. 

"Within the box, players are provided with everything they need to start sleuthing!"

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