Negotiate & Push Political Agendas In Crescent Moon From Osprey

May 13, 2022 by fcostin

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Last year, Ben showcased Crescent Moon, which placed players in the midst of negotiations and political agendas developing in the Middle East during the height of the 10th-Century.

Osprey Games have put a date on their upcoming title Crescent Moon, bringing the upcoming area control asymmetrical board game title to retail on June 1st 2022.

Crescent Moon - Osprey Games

Crescent Moon // Osprey Games

Pitching a high player count at 4-5 players, each player will be taking the role centric to negotiating the politics surrounding the Caliphate. They will climb to recognition into positions of power - as each player steps into the shoes of their character, following their crusade to communicate and achieve their unique objectives - hoping to sway the delicate balance of political power in their way. Raking in strategy to pick your battles, allies and enemies with a serious thought in mind.

Box Contents - Crescent Moon

Box Contents // Crescent Moon

Fighting for control over the land by stopping incoming invaders - players will take control over the land in a cut-throat state of affairs. Choosing from one of five different leaders, and implementing their ideologies to bring brutality and personal agendas across the Middle East.

Game Tiles and Components - Crescent Moon

The game plays out in roughly 180 minutes, depending on how many faction leaders are around the table and set to be released within a couple of weeks, on June 1st. However, if you wanted to get your pre-orders in with Osprey, they have Crescent Moon sitting in their store for £65, ready for publication date on the 26 May 2022.

Are you tempted to push your own agenda of political power in Crescent Moon?

"Each player will be taking the role centric to negotiating the politics surrounding the Caliphate"

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