Netflix’s Army Of The Dead Combines With Zombicide Soon

May 28, 2021 by fcostin

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2020 and 2021 have been the years of Streaming Services. Whether your poison is Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, Disney+... there is no doubt most have us have binge-watched a serious amount of films and tv series' over the past year and a bit.

Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game // CMON Games

Zombies are a tabletop gamers' bread and butter. We are all prepared for a zombie invasion and have already mentally arranged all of our details, from where we will hide to what weapon will be used.

The newest zombie film on Netflix pushed on to our screens by Zack Snyder himself entitled Army of the Dead. Brings one of our favourite ring-fighting Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Bautista into a world of organised zombie crime in the heart of Las Vegas.

Why am I telling you about a Netflix film? Is this what we are doing at OnTableTop now? Well, as much as I thought it was pretty great, I am more excited about the upcoming board game adaption coming to our tabletops. And no, this is not a standalone 'Army of the Dead board game.

CMON Games have excitedly announced Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game will incorporate the game mechanics and structure that we truly love from Zombicide, but add a little spice with some Army of the Dead thematic changes.

The tabletop adaptation will be taking players on the same route down the Las Vegas strip in the hunt for a vault chock-a-block with cash. The world is six years deep into invasion and players must adapt to survive the onslaught of evolved and intelligent undead life. The zombies will not be slow, they will not be stupid and strategy will need to be implemented to come out alive and with money in hand.

This game will be a standalone Zombicide game, so if you have ever been keen on taking a look at Zombiecide but never knew where to get started: this may be the perfect jumping-on point for you. Sharing the core mechanics of the main game, without dipping into the whole Zombicide franchise.

As Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game has just been announced, nothing more than the game concept has been released. However keep your eyes peeled, and more importantly: If you like zombie films, be sure to log on to Netflix and give Army of the Dead a watch. The Zombie-fied white tiger is certainly a nice touch, and prepare yourself for Army of the Dead: A Zombicide Game to head to our tabletop.

What is your chosen Zombie Invasion weapon? I'll be bringing out the Katana, Michonne-style camping on my small island surrounded by water. Friends welcome, must bring beer. 

"The tabletop adaptation will be taking players on the same route down the Las Vegas strip in the hunt for a vault chock-a-block with cash..."

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