Snap Up New Blood Bowl Amazons & Star Players Soon

September 26, 2022 by brennon

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Pre-orders swing over towards the more specialist games within the Games Workshop catalogue this weekend. On Saturday, you'll be able to pre-order the new Kara Temple Harpies, the brand spanking new Amazon team for use in the Fantasy Football board game, Blood Bowl.

Kara Temple Harpies - Blood Bowl

Kara Temple Harpies // Blood Bowl

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As with the previous Blood Bowl teams, this set gives you everything that you'd need to run a starting line-up of Amazons in your games of Blood Bowl. Within, you'll find six Eagle Warrior Linewomen, two Jaguar Warrior Blockers, two Python Warrior Throwers and two Piranha Warrior Blitzers.

Kara Temple Harpies Details - Blood Bowl

Kara Temple Harpies - Details // Blood Bowl

You also get some nice bits and pieces that they found some space for on the sprues. Namely, you get a themed Amazon coin plus snakes, a funky crystal skull (nice one...) and those stunning markers. I think it's a great kit that would be a lot of fun for you to pick up and paint. Plus, they aren't a pushover as they all come with the Dodge skill and the Blitzers have the new Hit And Run trait.

Additional information for the Amazons is going to come as part of the new Spike! Journal Issue 15 which will be available in softback or epub form.

Amazon Star Players

When it comes to Star Players, the Amazons aren't lacking either. These fine additions to your roster will be available for you to snap up from Forge World and the design team has certainly outdone themselves on the naming.

Boa Kon ssstriktr - Blood Bowl SEPT

Boa Kon'ssstriktr // Blood Bowl

Boa Kon'ssstriktr. We see what you did there. This player is able to slip past opponents and slither into new positions whilst hypnotizing the opposing players into simply giving them the ball. You also have the very strange and somewhat eerie Estelle La Veneaux...

Estelle La Veneaux - Blood Bowl SEPT

Estelle La Veneaux // Blood Bowl

Here is where we get all of those promised (and incredibly cute) frogs! She is able to transfix her opponents and make it so it should be a doddle to get the ball into the end zone. Last but not least we have possibly the best-named Star Player of the current selection, Glotl Stop.

Glotl Stop - Blood Bowl SEPT

Glotl Stop // Blood Bowl

Clearly, Glotl will put a stop to the advance of the opposing team with his sheer savagery and brute strength. I like that someone has clearly had to make sure that he doesn't escape from the team dugout at the wrong time with those manacles and the rope around his jaws. I can't imagine it would be good having Glotl eating the opposing team during the warm-up.

All of these miniatures will be available to pre-order from this weekend so keep an eye out for them!

"I can't imagine it would be good having Glotl eating the opposing team during the warm-up..."

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