Two New Blood Bowl Celebrities Available From Forge World

January 4, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World has revealed two new special characters for you to use in your games of Blood Bowl. Both of these can be used by a variety of different teams but their main allegiance is to their Human teams.

Karla von Kill - Forge World

Here's some of the background on this awesome looking character, Karla Von Kill.

"In 2483 Karla helped the Hellfires quit the backwater circuit and start hitting some of the bigger stadiums. She has proven herself a natural Blitzer, always leading the team from the front. When they came up against the Bloodskull Brutes, she coordinated the front offence to bring down both of the team’s Trolls in short order, and was awarded the position of team captain in recognition of her efforts."

She looks like an awesome player to throw into the mix, setting herself for the rush as she powers forward to tackle her foes and score a touchdown. She will play alongside Amazon, Halfling, Human, Norse teams.

Chainsaw Crazies

As well as Karla we also have Helmut Wulf. This fellow has picked up an experimental weapon for his team and has used it to good effect in many a game.

Helmut Wulf - Forge World

As you might imagine, a man of his stature is quite powerful in the front line of your team...

"In 2483 it is the height of the chainsaw craze and Helmut Wulf has risen to prominence as a master of his craft. In a memorable match against the now-disbanded Bogstaff Beardlings, he broke a strong cage formation single-handedly by leaping into the middle and spinning around wildly. How he survived (especially considering how very slippery it suddenly gets) is a mystery, but there’s no doubt that the man’s got style."

Helmut Wulf plays for Amazon, Chaos Renegades, Human, Lizardmen, Norse, and Vampire teams with that dangerous looking weapon in his hands.

I'm not sure if it is meant to be so but the chainsaw here looks really weird compared to the rest of the miniature. It looks a little warped. Whilst this is meant to be a warped and well-used weapon I think as part of the miniature it just doesn't work for me.

What do you make of these new Star Players?

"...setting herself for the rush as she powers forward to tackle her foes and score a touchdown"

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