New Edition Of Fantasy Football Game Blood Bowl Sighted!

August 4, 2020 by brennon

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Blood Bowl is coming back in a big way from Games Workshop. Whilst we saw a few leaks over the last couple of days, Games Workshop made it official yesterday with a new trailer and a better look at the boxed set, rulebook and some new miniatures too.

Blood Bowl Rulebook - Games Workshop.jpg

Blood Bowl Rulebook // Games Workshop

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We start with this new Rulebook which features some rather awesome stylised artwork on the cover. I wasn't overly sure about it, to begin, with but as I've had a better look at what's on the cover and within its pages (sneakily), I've actually found that it matches up pretty well with the tone of Blood Bowl. It's certainly got that classic look to it with a Human facing off against an Orc.

According to their blog post on the new edition, there has been quite a lot tweaked to make the game run smoother on the tabletop. Core elements of the game have been tweaked to make them less fiddly and there are a few new bits here and there for Blood Bowl veterans to sink their teeth into. From the looks of it we're also going to get ALL of the teams that are currently available in the ONE book rather than spread out over many volumes.

New Blood Bowl Boxed Game

All of this comes together in a big new box which looks to include everything you need to get going with both Humans and Orcs. You'll, of course, get the board, accessories, gaming components and everything else that makes a game of Blood Bowl go smoothly.

Blood Bowl Second Season Edition - Games Workshop.jpg

Blood Bowl Second Season Edition // Games Workshop

From a few of the screenshots taken from elsewhere on the internet, it looks like the box is going back to basics in a lot of regards. If this edition of the game can make it more appealing to sit down and play this in real life rather than taking to a computer or games console to play it digitally then I am all for what Games Workshop has to offer.

I must admit that every time I see anything to do with Blood Bowl I am consumed with a need to paint up a new team. This makes very little sense because I haven't played the game in probably ten years but I remember just how many games I've played of this and the fun I had when doing so. I am sorely on the edge of painting up a Human or Orc team just to scratch the itch!

Bogenhafen Barons - New Blood Bowl Miniatures

As well as this peek at the front cover, we also got a look at some of the new plastic miniatures you're going to get in the set. There are two teams for you to choose from but the focus right now is on the Humans, the Bogenhafen Barons!

Bogenhafen Barons Team #1 - Blood Bowl.jpg

Bogenhafen Barons Team // Blood Bowl

Looking exceptionally ostentatious in their gleaming armour and with enough feathers to make a peacock blush, these fellows seem like they as much about looking good as they are playing well. Imperial Nobility has waded into the contest to test themselves against some of the most brutal players out there. They have even managed to sign the legendary Griff Oberwald!

Bogenhafen Barons Team #2 - Blood Bowl.jpg

Bogenhafen Barons Players // Blood Bowl

These miniatures are looking great and whilst I'm not usually a fan of this amount of pomp and ceremony on a miniature, I think it fits the over-the-top nature of Blood Bowl quite well. You could, of course, paint them up in all manner of different schemes to match the various states of The Empire if you wanted too.

Bogenhafen Barons Team #3 - Blood Bowl.jpg

Bogenhafen Barons Players // Blood Bowl

I also really like that we've got so many personalities and a nice bit of diversity in this team. As well as your normal dashing and toothless bruisers you've got some old veterans, a few that spent a bit much time drinking Bloodweiser and a few ladies too! Everyone gets to have some fun on the Fantasy Football pitch.

Maybe this could be a good time to break out the Ostland Ogres from retirement and allow them to make a glorious return to the Blood Bowl pitch. They were my favoured Human team who unfortunately lost their Ogre in the first game of Blood Bowl they ever attempted. It took them quite a lot of time to save up enough money to buy another "mascot"...

This all seems like it's going in the right direction for Blood Bowl fans and I can't wait to learn more about it.

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