New Snotling Team Bundles Onto The Blood Bowl Pitch

April 20, 2020 by brennon

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If you thought Halflings got a raw deal in Blood Bowl and ended up flatter than pancakes most of the time, you've not met the Snotlings. Small, terrible at sports and only marginally better in numbers, Snotlings are the team of choice for the masochist and they're going to be available soon from Games Workshop.

Snotling Team #1 - Blood Bowl

They are going to be a challenging team to play pretty much whenever you get them down to the tabletop but if you're not overly concerned with winning they could be a lot of fun.

Sometimes the fun of games of Blood Bowl is in trying out daring combinations and seeing whether or not you can even stand the first few rounds! I don't think that you're going to see many Snotlings lining up on that line of scrimmage without some aid.

Snotling Team #2 - Blood Bowl

As well as an excellently diverse and comedic team of Snotlings which make up the bulk of your team, they've also been playing around with some larger options too. Personally, I'm just won over by their charm and the neat little narrative cues we're getting from each of them.

Snotling Team #3 - Blood Bowl

But, in all seriousness, if you do want to at least try and win a game or two then you might want to bring the Pump Wagon onto the pitch. I'm not sure it's legal but when has that ever stopped Blood Bowl teams?

snotling Team #4 - Blood Bowl

Fun is the name of the game and even if you're losing, at least you're going to look good doing it. You could of course also try and keep things on a more level playing field and have an entirely Stunty League? I've played that kind of thing in the past with Halflings and Snotlings clashing on the Blood Bowl pitch. It was very fun and very bloody.

Are you tempted by this team?

"Fun is the name of the game and even if you're losing, at least you're going to look good doing it..."

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