Ninja Division Delve Deeper Into Doomseeker Card Game

July 11, 2018 by brennon

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We talked a bit with Ninja Division during UK Games Expo about what was coming up with Doomseeker, their new Dwarf Slayer Card Game which is set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. Well, they have now delved down deeper into what the game is all about.

Doomseeker Logo - Ninja Division

Doomseeker is a card game for two to four players where you take on the role of brave and brash Dwarf Slayers who are heading off to seek their doom against the mightiest enemies they can find.

Each of the Slayers plays very differently from the others giving you a sense of asymmetry and opening up the options for you to find your favourite Slayer.

Doomseeker Dreng Oakheart - Ninja Division

During the game, you will be facing off against various monsters to slay them in combat and earn glory for your brave deeds. You will be slaughtering your way through waves of goblins, trolls, giants and even mightier foes as you try and find the right foe to end your days in the Old World.

Doomseeker Board - Ninja Division

The interesting thing about your journey to find your doom is that when you eventually bite the dust, you're not out of the game! You will still be able to wager from your ancestral hall as to who will win in certain fights and earn yourself more glory that way as well.

It sounds like a great game of pushing your luck to see if you can bring down that next mighty foe and come out on top. A Dwarf is only as good as his reputation after all!

Exclusive Slayer

For those who are fans of the Gotrek & Felix, you might also want to check out the Exclusive Slayer which will be available to retailers. Here is Malaki Makaisson.

Doomseeker Malakai Makaisson - Ninja Division

The bad Slayer/Engineer is an awesome character to see thrown into the mix and he comes with his own box of tricks, rules that benefit him and such going forward. He works as a nice, easy additional character for you to expand on your game.

Will you be playing Doomseeker?

"A Dwarf is only as good as his reputation after all!"

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