Create Numerical Patterns In Hex Roller

June 23, 2019 by cassn

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Frosted Games and Renegade Games Studios have joined together to produce a roll-and-write which blends strategic play with drafting luck in Hex Roller!


In Hex Roller, 1-8 players draft two of the dice rolled and then, using those dice, fill in spaces on a hexagonal grid, trying to fully complete regions and create lines of identical numbers. Through careful planning and strategic use of bonuses, players must earn the most points to take the lead and become the Hex Roller champion!


Currently, it feels like every third game released is a roll-and-write and, personally, I'm experiencing a little RnW fatigue if I'm honest. That being said, Hex Roller is a decent example of the genre (if a little too number-heavy for my personal tastes).

Hex Roller will be available for pick up at Gen Con 19, and you can order yours ahead of the convention here.

Are you convinced by roll-and-write games? Comment below!

"A little too number-heavy for my personal tastes"

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