One For All’s Soul Raiders Now Live On Kickstarter!

July 8, 2021 by brennon

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Marc André's new game is now live on Kickstarter thanks to the folks from One For All. Soul Raiders has you taking on the role of mighty warrior-mages as part of a story-driven epic game for one to four players.

Soul Raiders Main - One For All

Soul Raiders Kickstarter // One For All

Soul Raiders is a game that mixes together all manner of interesting themes and mechanics. At its heart, Soul Raiders is an exploratory, adventurous card game where you will venture into different locations, uncover the story and battle monsters.

Soul Raiders Summary - One For All

Soul Raiders Summary // One For All

A lot of the DNA for Soul Raiders comes from Choose Your Own Adventure books and games but expands on that basic premise. Players work together and take on a sprawling narrative cooperatively that lasts around thirty hours! Each game session fits into around a two to four-hour slot and win or lose, the story will continue. I do enjoy a bit of "fail forward" game design.

As mentioned above, players will have to work together to survive. If one player heads off into a new location then your friends can aid you and throw cards into your challenges to make sure you succeed. The players have a shared Health, Stress and Exhaustion track so you must work together if you want to survive. No running off and leaving everyone else!

If you're interested in getting a more in-depth look at the rules for Soul Raiders then make sure to check out the JonGetsGames tutorial below. It is very handy!

Soul Raiders - Tutorial & Full Playthrough // JonGetsGames

There is a lot to Soul Raiders and whilst this seems like an ambitious project from Marc André, it seems like it has managed to nail a fair amount of it down.

Soul Raiders Pledges

If you're interested in the game then take a peek at the different editions you can buy.

Soul Raiders Pledges - One For All

Soul Raiders Pledges // One For All

The core game seems like a pretty darn good offer. You get a lot of game for the price and I'm sure you'd have a lot of fun with it. The Grimoire Edition cranks things up a notch and adds in more miniatures, lots of lavish accessories, but doesn't feel like it's essential. With some Kickstarters asking hundreds and hundreds of pounds/dollars/euros, this is welcome!

Are you tempted by Soul Raiders?

"The players have a shared Health, Stress and Exhaustion track so you must work together if you want to survive..."

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