Become The Villainous Overboss With Brotherwise Games

January 25, 2021 by brennon

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Brotherwise Games is closing in on the release of one of their new board games by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ (Calico) which lets you be villainous! Overboss is going to be released in February, a new tile-laying adventure for Fantasy fans.

Overboss Cover - Brotherwise Games

Overboss // Brotherwise Games

Overboss builds on the characters that first appeared in Boss Monster! and has you emerging from your dungeon to conquer the overworld. You'll be doing this through tile-drafting and laying each turn, collecting the right set of options that work for you and your Overboss.

Overboss Contents - Brotherwise Games

Overboss Contents // Brotherwise Games

The game comes with two modes of play. In Classic Mode you can learn and teach Overboss very quickly. Advanced Mode unlocks lots of additional depth and replayability, offering up tactical options for tile-placement and scoring which will have you scratching your chin.

The main focus of Overboss is to maximise your power and that is done by the optimal placement of tiles, monsters and dungeon entrances. As well as just placing tiles to get immediate benefits, you'll also be looking to create exciting combos that make things all the more dangerous for foolish heroes.

I am a big fan of tile-laying games and I also like the theme for Overboss. As a Dungeon Keeper fan back in the day, this seems like it hits the right notes and could be a lot of fun to rock out at a board game night. If you're interested in learning more about the game then the Rules are available to take a peek at right away!

Do you like the look of Overboss?

"As a Dungeon Keeper fan back in the day, this seems like it hits the right notes..."

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