Get A Peek At OverDrive’s Giant Players By Mantic Games

July 14, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games are continuing to preview more from their upcoming Sci-Fi sports game, OverDrive. This week we saw the start of their video series which teaches you how to play but also a look at the Giant miniatures you'll be able to paint up!

Dozer - OverDrive

Dozer // OverDrive

Each of the characters that you see here were painted up by the talented hand of Studio Giraldez and show off what you can do with these miniatures! There is a great variety in the terms of Giants you'll be able to paint up and play in the game, all with their unique powers to bring to the tabletop.

Karadon - OverDrive

Karadon // OverDrive

One of my particular favourites is Karadon above. I grew up in the era of Street Sharks so I am all too familiar with the lure of weresharks. Build onto that my love of the Rokea from World Of Darkness and models like this one push all the right buttons.

As well as there being some very "Saturday Morning Cartoon" miniatures in this collection, you'll also note a fair few which wouldn't look out of place on the battlefields of Warpath.

Skarathron - OverDrive

Skarathron // OverDrive

It's neat that the whole "Warpath" aesthetic hasn't been lost within the range. It makes OverDrive feel like it's part of an expanded universe whilst also giving it a unique look. It is very bright and poppy which matches with the style of game Mantic are putting together.

Brank Reborn - OverDrive

Brank Reborn // OverDrive

You can also take things to the next level and start throwing in some weird alien awesomeness too. I think The Spawn might be my second favourite of the miniatures in the set just because of all of the tentacle gribbliness!

The Spawn - OverDrive

The Spawn // OverDrive

I totally made up "gribbliness" and I am sticking with it. If you want to get even weirder with your aliens then consider the strange and ethereal quality of Synechdoche!

Synechdoche - OverDrive

Synechdoche // OverDrive

That gives you a look at the different Giants that you're going to get to play with in the core box for OverDrive. More are planned for the future to help you expand on your draft options. It will be cool to see how long it takes players to work out the strongest combinations!

How To Play OverDrive

Also, make sure to check out their current set of introductory OverDrive videos showing you how to play the game.

How To Play OverDrive - Introduction

How To Play OverDrive - Drafting

More videos are going to be coming soon so keep an eye on their YouTube channel for all the details!

Are you going to be checking out OverDrive?

"It will be cool to see how long it takes players to work out the strongest combinations!"

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