Face The Pauper Prince In Ninja Division’s Super Dungeon

June 23, 2020 by brennon

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The team at Ninja Division have popped another fun little set of miniatures into the mix for their Masterclass collection. This time around, they've offered up a new Dungeon Boss and Spawning Point collection for Super Dungeon led by the Pauper Prince.

The Pauper Prince Main - Ninja Division

The Pauper Prince Collection // Ninja Division

The first of these sets (see below) is for the Pauper Prince himself, a cunning Troll who has managed to wrangle sneaky and biting members of the underworld to come and serve him.

The Pauper Prince - Ninja Division

The Pauper Prince // Ninja Division

Here is some of the background on this particular individual...

"None knows how the troll known as the Pauper Prince gained its uncommon intelligence. When asked, the Prince smiles slyly beneath the brim his hat and begins one of a hundred tales. He claims that each one contains the truth, if one is only clever enough to find it. Whatever the truth may be, the Pauper Prince's ragtag hordes of orcs, goblins, constructs, and other ne'er-do-wells has consolidated the Cove's thieves' guilds and installed the Pauper Prince as master of a vast criminal underworld."

The set can be used as a Dungeon Boss in your games of Super Dungeon but I think it would be great just to get your hands on these miniatures to paint. I think you could have a lot of fun working on the bright and poppy colours for the range and perhaps having a go and working on miniatures that went beyond the traditional Heroic or True proportions. Working on something chibi might be just what you need to break up the painting queue.

Super Dungeon - Play With The Prince's Guild

As well as the Pauper Prince above, you can also get some of his smaller minis. Based around a new Spawning Point, this set gives you a bunch of the Prince's wee minions to throw into the mix, making your lives as valiant explorers all the harder!

The Princes Guild - Ninja Division

The Prince's Guild // Ninja Division

Again, I really like the inventiveness of this set which gives you a bunch of funny looking fellows to paint up and use in your games. You could have a lot of fun working on skin colours which aren't the typical bright/dark green that we're used to seeing for goblinoids. I think it would be cool to work on things like bright oranges or reds instead.

Could you see yourself pre-ordering these miniatures ahead of a July release?

"Could you see yourself pre-ordering these miniatures ahead of a July release?"

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