Piece Together The Mystery In Ravensburger Escape Puzzles

February 8, 2019 by cassn

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Following the success of their escape room games, Ravensburger have returned with a new type of puzzle mystery which is set to keep gamers guessing!


The Escape Puzzle series is a set of puzzles which don't match the image on the box. Instead, the players are given a series of clues in the form of puzzle pieces, QR codes, in-box hints and, if you're stuck, a secret envelope inside the game in order to create the finished image.

Each puzzle is 759 pieces, made from strong, premium grade cardboard, has a linen finish, and comes with its own unique storyline. These puzzles also have no lower or upper limit of players, so you can enjoy some solo play or invite the whole gaming group round to help!

In Escape Puzzle: Space Observatory, players must save the planet from a huge fireball which threatens to destroy the earth. The only chance at salvation? a huge laser which must be assembled then fired before the meteor strikes!


In Escape Puzzle: Witch's Kitchen, players have 'accidentally' eaten a poisonous mushroom in the woods and now find themselves trapped in a witches kitchen. Gather your strength and find the antidote (I'm guessing it's a Grateful Dead album) and escape before it's too late!


In Escape Puzzle: Temple, players travel to Asia and decide to check out a hidden temple. However, like most tourists, you soon find yourself lost and confused in this strange, ancient sanctum, and must use clues and hints to find your way out!

I'm really excited about these games. I think traditional puzzle games are an often overlooked form of gaming but it's one of the few genres that I enjoy playing alone, but also with friends. Combine it with a good mystery and Ravensburger may as well have released these games under the title "Give Us Your Money, Cass". Check out the Ravensburger website for further information.

What game do you prefer to play solo?

"Ravensburger may as well have released these games under the title "Give Us Your Money, Cass"!"

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