Pillage & Plunder By Land & Sea In ThunderGryph’s Dead Man’s Doubloons

April 13, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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Pirates you say? Arrrrrrrrrrr you kidding me? Yes, please! ThunderGryph Games is back on Kickstarter with a fantastic pirate board game, Dead Man's Doubloons.

DMD box

This is a game for two to five players that plays in thirty to forty minutes and is full of all the pirate adventure you could possibly want, at a level of play that can be enjoyed by all.

Of course, they had me with theme alone, but what I really liked is that the game takes place in a combination of locations in the order of sea, land and back to the sea.

DMD ks contents

Naturally, a pirate game needs to have some epic ship battles, but other than leading their ship (and consuming copious amounts of rum), what else do they enjoy? Pillaging, plundering and digging up buried treasure!

The game starts with players navigating the waters around the island, looking for the map fragments needed to lead them to the treasure inland.

DMD cards

Once the map is mostly assembled, the captains will lead small parties ashore in their quest for the treasure. There is always more than one way to go about it, so with risk comes reward.

You can take the slow and steady, less dangerous path or you can live on the edge and take the shorter, more treacherous path - you ARE a pirate, after all!

DMD ships

With treasure in hand, it's back to the sea, where you try to make off with as much loot as you can- and that means trying to take from others along the way. Oh, and did I mention that sunken vessels become ghost ships?

Still totally playable and invincible, players will continue to control their ghost ship (represented by a translucent ship miniature) and play with alternate ship rules.

You can technically still win, even as a ghost ship, though it would be very difficult as your treasure is cursed and is automatically worth less. But there is always redemption in the right circumstances, and you just might be able to reverse your ghost ship status.

Are you up for some pillage and plundering on both land and sea?

"This is a game for two to five players that plays in thirty to forty minutes..."

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